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We apologize for not posting all of the reviews we receive.  Time simply does not allow us to post them all, but we love receiving them
and hearing what our users have to say about our products.  If you write a review that brings out a great point not already made in
one of the reviews below, we will post it.  Thanks for all of the kind words!

Your English grammar curriculum is great!  I have always excelled in English, but felt overwhelmed to teach it.  Your English grammar
lessons eliminates that concern and makes this grammar curriculum complete and simple to learn English grammar!

Great job!

Becky E.

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Good Morning,

I have been homeschooling my four children for over ten years, and when I find a great curriculum that works for me, I have to let you
know!!  Your grammar curriculum is the best that I have ever used!  It is easy to understand for the student as well as the teacher and
isn't unnecessarily time consuming.

I especially enjoy the review that is included with each lesson....a bit of something new and a review of something already learned.  
You have a creative way of always altering the review activities...the child is still reviewing the material, but he is doing it in a different
way each time.

Thank you for this wonderful program!

Elaine in FL

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I am very excited about this grammar curriculum, I have been having trouble finding a English grammar curriculum that would keep my
son's attention, boys, for one reason or another hate writing for any length of time.  GWG seems to be to the point with little busy
work. Also the prices are amazing, I have 3 boys, and have found myself using page protectors and dry erase markers to save
workbooks for the next child due to the steep prices.  With GWG, I won’t have to worry about it at all as each child will have their own
book for sure!

Gina from Guam
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I think your home school programs are absolutely wonderful.  I always loved grammar, but I would have loved this when I was a child.  
Your workbooks are done so well, the repetition is done in such a way to help the children remember.  Both Kate and Andrew really
enjoy these books on grammar.

Thanks for doing such a great job!

Becky E.
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I have been a teacher for 17 years, in public, private, and home school. Your grammar programs are the BEST I have ever
encountered or used, and all 5 of my children like it! :-)  I lead a large support group here in San Antonio, TX, and I recommend your
grammar curriculum constantly.  I also lead a group for new and/or first-or-second-year homeschoolers, and Growing With Grammar
is THE only grammar curriculum I personally recommend to learn grammar.  My thanks for a great program! It is well organized and
easy to use, very complete, and affordable.  :-) Thank you for all of the time and effort you have put into it!!

Monique from TX

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