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I love the idea of having the student take a pretest on the first day of each lesson before
starting work on the actual lesson.  This gives me (the teacher) the information I need to
determine how much one-on-one assistance my child will need from me to successfully
complete each lesson (currently we are using level 5).  If my child spells most of the list words
correctly, I know I can simply review the missed words with him, and then let him work
independently to complete that portion of the lesson for that day.

This gives me more time to spend teaching my other two children.  As we all know, time
management is a must when teaching multiple children!  

-Lisa, Florida
- - - - -  

I first became aware of SWS [and vocabulary] when my son brought it home from school.  My
son has struggled with spelling/vocabulary in the past and I must admit I had my doubts about
this program (or any other program for that matter).  So far my son really seems to be doing
well with this program!

As  I was helping my son with his homework one day, I had a few questions.  All I had to do
was pick up the phone and call your customer service.  Kelly is awesome and answered all of
my questions.


-Sheila, Massachusetts  
- - - - -

After I looked at the sample lessons on your website, I was easily able to determine which level
was correct for my son.  I like the way list words are carried forward if they are spelled
incorrectly.  Thanks also for making a dedicated space in the Teacher's Notes/Answer key for
documenting which words are spelled incorrectly.  This really helps me keep track of things as
well as making it easier for me to administer the final spelling test on day five of each program.  

If my son seems to be having more difficulty with a particular lesson, I give him another written
test on Wednesday of that week.  I like the way this program allows for flexibility from the
teacher depending on the needs of the student.      


- Muriel, Georgia
- - - - -

I just wanted to let you know that my child just scored in the 90th percentile in language arts
on the Iowa test!  This is all due to Growing with Grammar and Soaring with Spelling and
Vocabulary.  As a home schooling parent, you always wonder how good of a job you are
doing.  Let me say that my mind is finally put at ease.  I know that if we stay faithful to this
program my children will continue to do wonderfully!!

We are now big believers of the programs JacKris offers!  I wish you would come out with a
program that teaches my children how to properly clean their rooms!!  :)

Best always,

-Carla, Michigan

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