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Sample Lessons

Table of Contents

  • This spelling and vocabulary program assumes a 36-
    week school year with one lesson being completed
    each week.
  • Within each lesson there are five defined days with
    tasks to be performed for each day.  Click here to
    see details on how to teach this spelling and
    vocabulary program.    
  • Each lesson within the Level 5 spelling and
    vocabulary program contains 14 list words.
  • List words are progressively more difficult than those
    used in prior levels.  Multi-syllable words and more
    complex words are common in this level.
  • Lessons contain games such as deciphering
    puzzles, word jumbles, crossword puzzles, word
    search, definition matching, unscrambling words,
    identifying misspelled list words in a paragraph or
    sentence, alphabetizing word groups, and complete
    the sentences.
  • No dotted guidelines in blanks.  Typical blank lines
    are provided since students at this level should have
    enough experience and control in writing.     
  • Level 5 of the spelling and vocabulary program
    contains 215 pages.
  • Level 5 generally equates to grade 5.
Soaring with Spelling and Vocabulary
Level 5
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