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                                                                                    How to Teach

General Comments

This spelling program is arranged in a format where the student is presented 36 lessons which are each designed to be completed
in a week.  Each lesson consists of five exercises labeled Day 1 through Day 5.

For each level, we have selected (6-20 depending on the level) list words for each lesson.  These words are meant to provide the
student with an introduction to one new spelling concept each week based upon phonetic or rhyming patterns.  By gently
introducing each new concept, the student should not become overwhelmed.   

*In Level 1, we have included a very brief section at the back of our spelling book which introduces the student to the concept of
using a dictionary.  This will become useful while undertaking the tasks set forth in this text, as the student is often asked to
alphabetize words.*   

We have found that most children in the age group for which these materials are designed usually need to spend about 10-15
minutes per day on spelling and vocabulary.  If your student happens to progress through these materials at a faster rate, you may
want to consider condensing each lesson into a four day schedule instead of five.  This can be accomplished in a number of ways,
such as combining Day 1 and Day 2, or perhaps combining Day 4 and Day 5.  It’s really up to you as long as all of the materials
are covered during each week.  

Weekly Schedule

Day 1 - Pretest
Have the student read each list word from the Word List.  

-Read the short definitions for each word.  These definitions are not meant to be exhaustive or complete.  They are only meant to
provide the student with a basic understanding of the meaning of each word.  It might be necessary for you to assist the student in
reading the definitions as they may contain words and spelling concepts not yet taught at that level.  

-Make sure that the student understands the meaning of each list word and has had an opportunity to study how each is spelled.

-At this point, also review with the student the Carry-over Words from previous lessons.  These are the misspelled words from
previous lessons that were written in the Carry-over Words section of the Teacher’s Notes/Answer Key for the current lesson
(obviously this does not apply to lesson 1).  

-Although you can remove the Pretest and Final Test pages from the workbook, it is best to leave the pages in as it tends create a
centralized record of the student’s progress.  

-Have the student turn to the Pretest portion of the workbook for the given lesson.  The Pretest is used simply to provide you, the
teacher, with an understanding of the student’s 1) initial proficiency for the newly introduced spelling concept, and 2) ongoing
proficiency for the previously misspelled Carry-over Words.  

-Make sure the test words in the spelling book are not visible to the student.

-Say each test word taken from the Word List and Carry-over Words sections (listed in the Teacher’s Notes/Answer Key) for the
current lesson.  Give the student time to write each word within the provided space.  Note that there is a separate space within
each lesson for spelling Carry-over Words.  Make sure to enunciate each word very clearly in order for the student to hear every
sound of the word.  After the Pretest is complete, grade it right away.

-If the student misspelled any words on the Pretest, explain those errors.  Pronounce each misspelled word again and ask the
student once again to write the word correctly in the Correction Area of the Pretest.  

-Immediately grade the words in the Correction Area.  If the student again misspells any of the Correction Area words, the teacher
should simply underline the misspelled words in the Correction Area of that lesson.  The teacher should also underline the
misspelled words in the Teacher’s Notes/Answer Key.        
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