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                                                                                    How to Teach-Cont.
Days 2-4
-Each day ask the student to orally spell, to the teacher, the words from both the Word List and Carry-over Words sections of the
Pretest.  Make sure to place special emphasis on words in the Correction Area that were underlined as a result of the Pretest.  
Remind the student of any misspelled words during the oral spelling review, and provide the student with the correct spelling.     

-Have the student complete the exercises for the given day.

-Review the answers with the student and make sure that he or she understands any errors.

Day 5
-Have the student review the words in the Word List and any words in the Correction Area of the Pretest taken during Day 1.  Also
make sure to place extra emphasis on list words that were underlined as a result of the Pretest.  
-Have the student turn to the Final Test section for the lesson.

-Make sure the list words and any Carry-over words are not visible to the student.

-Say each word (all of the list words are listed in the Teacher’s Notes/Answer Key) and give the student time to write each list word
in the given space.  It might also be helpful to the student if you use each list word in a sentence.  Don’t forget to include any words
from the Carry-over Words section.  After the test is complete, grade it right away.

-If the student misspelled any words, explain the errors.  Pronounce each of the misspelled words again and ask the student to
correctly write the word in the Correction Area of the Final Test.  

-Immediately grade the words in the Correction Area.  If the student again misspells any words in the Correction Area, simply
underline the word and carry it forward to the Carry-over Words section in the next lesson (in the Teacher’s Notes/Answer Key).  
The idea here is to actually write down (carry forward) any misspelled words from the Corrections Area of the current lesson (after
they have been misspelled twice during the Final Test) to the Carry-over Section of the next lesson.  Misspelled words are carried
forward until the student spells these words correctly on one of the Final Tests.    

Review Lessons
If the student has any particular difficulties with any of the list words encountered during the prior lessons leading up to the review
lesson, it is the teacher’s option to administer another review spelling test on a separate piece of paper.