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We apologize for not posting all of the reviews we receive.  Time simply does not allow us to
post them all, but we love receiving them and hearing what our users have to say about our
products.  If you write a review that brings out a great point not already made in one of the
reviews below, we will post it.  Thanks for all of the kind words!

We joined an independent study charter school here in California this year.  I have four
children ranging in ages 7-13.  Our charter school highly recommended the entire line of
JacKris language arts products to us.  As a matter of fact I believe they recommend their
products to all of their charter school members.

Winning with Writing is wonderful in that it provides fun things to write about and encourages
the learner to think creatively while helping them along the way.  Each book has more than
enough room to take notes, develop characters (when applicable), and complete the writing
assignment for that day.  All types of writing seem to be covered that are age appropriate in
content and complexity.    

This curriculum is perfect for a busy mother with four learners.  



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This program definitely works for us.  We also use JacKris Publishing grammar and spelling.  
It's so nice to have a one-stop-shop for all of our language arts needs.  We also use these
products as a part of our weekly study group.

Thanks for another great program!


New York     

* * * * * * * * * *

A friend told me about JacKris Publishing's new writing program.  We started using it this last
semester and so far it is working out nicely for us (10 year old daughter, we are using level 5).  
My daughter wasn't real keen on writing, so I needed a program that did not demand too
much.  I also like this program as it sets forth exactly what is required everyday it is used.

My daughter likes it, so we will keep using it.  I can already tell that she is starting to become a
better writer!


Salt Lake City, Utah

* * * * * * * * * *

This is a great program!  It covers many different areas and starts younger students at a level
that gradually turns them into a writer.  We started Levels 1 and 2 and my second grader
actually wrote his first paragraph today!



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