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  • This writing program assumes a 36-week school
    year with one lesson being completed each week.
  • Within each lesson there are five defined days with
    tasks to be performed each day.    
  • This level covers direct, indirect quotations, divided
    quotations, dialogue, the writing process, thesis
    statements, transitional sentences, documenting
    sources, bibliography, creative writing, personal
    narrative, descriptive writing, persuasive writing,
    informational essay, biographical essay, cause and
    effect essay, and research report, among other
  • This contains two books, one for each semester.
  • No dotted guidelines in blanks.  Typical blank lines
    are provided since students at this level should have
    enough experience and control in writing.
  • Level 6 requires students to write five paragraphs
    for each writing assignment.
  • The first semester book contains 201 pages.  The
    second semester book contains 159 pages.
  • Level 6 generally equates to grade 6.
Sample Lessons

Table of Contents
Winning With Writing
Level 6
Complete Set
(Includes First and
Second Workbooks
and Answer Key)
SKU: 10-031
First and Second
Workbooks only
SKU: 10-032
First Semester
Workbook and
Answer Key
SKU: 10-033
Second Semester
Workbook and
Answer Key
SKU: 10-036
First Semester
Workbook only
SKU: 10-034
Second Semester
Workbook only
SKU: 10-037
First Semester
Answer key only
SKU: 10-035
Second Semester
Answer Key only
SKU: 10-038
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